Monday, January 23, 2012

Album Review: Boys No Good - Never Felt Better

Remember that time you went to your first punk rock show and heard that very first power chord as it rang out, immediately making your ears hate you, and you knew you were in love? Well, that's what Florida's Boys No Good do with the release of their debut album 'Never Felt Better'.  Featuring current and ex members of Evergreen Terrace and Casey Jones, this Florida quintent is out to make us remember the days of having fun and piling on with all of your friends to sing along to every single word. Memorable verses, incredibly catchy choruses and just enough angst and bitterness to make Matt Skiba grin, Boys No Good stand head and shoulders above the rest of the Indianola Records roster. This record is, by far, my favorite release of 2011. With tales of overcoming the odds, coming out on top over those that have wronged you, and having fun with your friends, Boys No Good offer a song for just about everyone!

By: Jaysin Horror

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