Saturday, December 24, 2011

Album Review: Tycho - Dive

Since I was first introduced to Tycho when Sunrise Projector was released I have become a huge fan of his super smooth style of IDM and after hearing the Costal Brake single I was very excited for his new full length.

Well Dive is finally here and I’m here to give my breakdown of the new album. On Dive we are seeing a strong progression of Scott Hansen aka Tycho as a composer. For this album Scott used a much wider range of interments including guitars and real drums. Talking about the new album Scott said he decided to use more real instruments to allow his live shows to have more personal feel. Without seeing a live show I personally feel this choice adds a lot of depth to Dive and really sets it apart in the IDM world.

Dive starts off with “A Walk”. This track is a great precursor to the album and really lets everyone know what to expect. It features some great synth work and drums that really drive the track before some guitars come in later in the song. If you aren’t already in love with the album by the time the grove at the near end of the song hits then this album isn’t for you. “Hours” brings in some airy synths and is exactly the kind of mellow grove we expect from Tycho. “Daydream” kicks off with guitars and progresses from there into a realm only Scott could create with synths drums and bass all weaving into a beautiful electro nirvana. “Dive” opens up with a great sample of a women’s voice and an overall upbeat synth grove interspersed with the same reoccurring sample. The track steadily builds into a blissful crescendo. “Costal Brake” was released as a single prior to the release of the album but still fits in perfectly with the rest of Scott’s newer material. This track is a buttery smooth IDM take on house and trance. This is an all around feel good track that seems tailor made for a video montage. On the track “Ascension” we are seeing a solid progression of the kind of tracks produced on Past is Prologue. This track is 100% classic Tycho and has some great big sounding synths that let up for a pan flute inspired interlude that seems reminiscent of the music of the Native Americans. The next track “Melanine” is my personal favorite on the album. This slow and reflective track is heavy with soulful guitars rifts and a simplistic arrangement that gives almost the feeling of a ballad. “Adrift” is a track Scott has previously released in 2008 on the Adrift / From Home EP. Not much is new here but the track is still as smooth and mellow as ever and cleanly blends with the rest of the album. Epigram is another upbeat jam with all the elements we would expect. This track seems very reminiscent of Send and Receive and Past is Prologue from his previous work. However that does not mean it is a bad track because those were some of my favorite tracks off the previous full length. Dive finally ends with “Elegy” an absolutely flawless final track. This track really shows off Scotts composing skills. The track uses some very original rhythms for an IDM producer and is interspersed with beautiful guitar work. The entire song is a slow glistening reflective track driven along by solid guitar work, bubbling synths, and a great bass line. The guitar leads in this song are absolutely prefect and must make a great impact at live shows.

If you have been a fan of Tychos previous work then you will instantly love Dive and it will find a solid place on your IDM shelf. Even if you have never listened to IDM before Tychos ultra smooth style makes his work appealing and easy to digest for any listener.

For me this album is a solid 10 out of 10

- Jimmy Bishop

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