Saturday, December 24, 2011

Must Have Apps For Android Users

So you have a shiny new Android phone but you want to get the most out of it? Well here is my list of The Blurs must have apps for any Android user.

1.     ADW Launcher EX By Anderweb
While there are lots of home replacement apps out there I always end up coming back to ADW. To me ADW is the fastest and most customizable launcher out there. Not to mention how many different themes there are for it. The new scrollable dock is also a very solid selling point for this app.

2.     Advanced Task Killer By ReChild
Anyone who owns an Android device needs to have a task killer unless they like a slow laggy phone. While there are a lot of task killers out there this is the most popular and is pretty light on system resources. Just remember to make an ignore list for all the apps that should continuously run.

3.     Double Twist Player By Doubletwist
Since the battle between iOS and Android first started Apple’s iOS had a solid leg up on Android due to its seamless integration with the users computer through iTunes. Enter Double Twist the first program for Android that allows seamless syncing between Android devices and the users computer. Double Twist is available free on the Android Market and has an accompanying free multi platform download for your computer on their website. This software runs like a tank. Also for a cheap price you can upgrade to Double Twist Air. Air let’s you sync wirelessly over your home Wifi and will make all iPhone users in the vicinity very jelly.

4.     Ice Cream Sandwich ADW Theme By Kovdev
This is my current favorite ADW theme and it is the perfect theme for anyone whose phone may not be getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon. Make all your friends jealous with this well made and attractive theme. Hater’s gon hate!

5.     LP New MIUI Icon Pack By TweetyPeety
This is hand down the best icon pack on the market and it’s free! All the icons match very well and this is the only icon pack that ive found that has a replacement icon for almost every app in my phone. The creator of this pack is also very good about constantly updating it with new icons.

6.     Handcent SMS By handcent_market
Handcent SMS is a great SMS replacement app and is the only one I use. Handcent just runs much better than the stock SMS app and has a much better look. Thanks to a wide range of customizability and well made themes this app will fit in with any phones theme. The way Handcent threads conversations is also very nice and can give users an iphone look if they so please.

7.     iPhone VO Theme Lite By Sangmin,Han
If for some reason you ever feel inclined to make your Android phone look like its running iOS then look no further than this theme. The iPhone VO Lite theme is by miles the best iOS theme on the market and it’s free.

8.     Beautiful Widgets By LevelUp Studio
Beautiful Widgets is an all inclusive widget pack that features some of the best looking weather and time widgets on the market. Their home screen clock is my favorite on the market and I have it skinned with a great Gingerbread style theme. All of the widgets are highly customizable and BW has a huge selection of skins.

9.     Pure Calendar Widget By Francois DESLANDES
Pure Calendar Widget is exactly what its name implies a well made calendar widget. This widget has lots of different sizes and even support for tablets. It also features a handy timeline option. Like any great app this is also very customizable and has a large selection of skins.

10. Remote for iTunes By Hyperfine
Remote for iTunes is an awesome simple app that allows you to control iTunes on any computer on the same Wifi as your phone. However is this a lot more than just next, stop, and play this app actually lets you browse your whole library on your phone just as if you were in front of the computer yourself. This app is also great for controlling music during parties.

11. Vignette By neilandtheresa
Vignette is the very best camera app out there. It has a ton of different effects and photo frames to choose from and even has options like steady shot. Vignette will get the most out of any cameras phone. Even on phones with very poor quality cameras vignette will make photos look far better to anything shot on the stock camera app.

12. Where’s My Droid By alienmanfc6
Have you ever lost your phone and went to call it when you realize its on silent? Well get out of that fetal position and do something about this problem! Go download Where’s My Droid. This app works very simply once it is installed on the users phone it helps you find your phone whenever its lost even if it is on silent. Where’s My Droid works by having a keyword whenever another phone texts your phone with this keyword where my droid will automatically start up and turn your phones volume to full and then emit a loud noise until you find your phone.

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